Through movement, exercise and manual therapy, those affected by injury, disability, illness or other health condition can find relief. Physiotherapy aims to maximize one’s movement, strength, balance and function when such has been compromised. Those seeking physiotherapy may also be able to avoid the need for medications or more invasive treatment such as surgery.
After an evaluation of your medical history, concerns, goals and a physical assessment, techniques for treatment can be implemented, including:
+ Exercises to promote and maintain range of motion
+ Sitting and standing training
+ Exercises to increase strength, coordination and endurance
+ Gait training
+ Exercises to reduce spasticity
+ Joint manipulation and mobilization
+ Resistance training
+ Muscle stretching
+ And more

Facing restrictions on our physical abilities can cause our mental and emotional states to be affected as well. We may feel as if we can no longer do the things we once enjoyed. Physiotherapy can help those enduring physical limitations better their mobility, range of motion, strength, balance and function. Overall health and well-being plays a substantial role in quality of life, and physiotherapy can help those hindered by certain conditions.
To begin your evaluation and consultation for physiotherapy, please do not hesitate to call. Together with support and training, we can help you set and reach your goals.

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