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What we Offer

Chiropratic Therapy

Dr. Shannon Griffin offers gentle, scientific chiropractic corrective care to target the root cause of pain and discomfort...

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Facing restrictions on our physical abilities can cause our mental and emotional states to be affected as well...

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Soft Tissue Massage

Massage therapy encompasses a variety of techniques that scientifically manipulates the body’s soft tissue...

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Rehabilitative Therapy

Massage therapy encompasses a variety of techniques that scientifically manipulates the body’s soft tissue..

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Sport Injuries

A sport injury can occur suddenly, causing severe, immediate pain and inability to put pressure on or move the affected area.

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Wellness Care

Griffin Chiropractic Care, Dr. Shannon Griffin offers gentle, scientific chiropractic corrective...

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Auto Accidents

There are millions of auto accidents occurring in the United States each and every year.  1/6 result in whiplash...

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Over 7000 patients have received adjustments, relieving stress and pain without complaints. At Griffin Chiropractic care we also specialize in:
  • Headache
  • Upper and Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatic
  • Scoliosis
  • Wellness Care
  • Auto Injuries
  • Sport Injuries
  • Licenced and Board Certified
  • 24 Hour Emergency Available

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What our clients Say

I started seeing Shannon Griffin just about a year ago. I had seen chiropractors in the past but none I had made me feel more relief than Shannon. I played year-round Field hockey for 14 years. Meaning I was hunkered over and running for 14 consecutive years. I turned 35 this year in 2017 and it seems like that was the year for my whole body to start falling apart. Mostly my back especially my thoracic area. I am in constant pain which if anybody has experienced constant pain it takes over your whole life. You're constantly thinking about about that persistent aching every day and every night. I started seeing Shannon weekly because I was getting so much relief but by the second month I only needed to see him biweekly. I have seen him approximately 15 times this year. He knows what he's doing and I trust him completely. My back has improved and I now only need to see him once a a month, maybe twice

Shanna Forsbers


He's an awesome doctor who cares for his patients. I have felt so much better since seeing Dr. Griffin.

Cheryl Miller


Thank you Dr. Griffin for you’re exceptional knowledgeable, skills patience, professionalism- , I never went to Chiropractor before, after long period of pain neck, Dr. Shannon Griffin after 6 visits has tremendously helped me.

Pamela Neach Vocelle


Dr. Shannon Griffin has been taking excellent care of me as I have been recovering from a recent neck injury. He is very devoted, caring, and a hard worker when it comes to his Chiropractic Treatments. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone as he does an amazing job and really cares for his patients.

Jacqueline Modesitt