Sport Injuries

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Sport Injuries Chiropractor in Vero Beach

Whether just for recreation or as a career choice, many sport players experience a sport-related injury at some point in their lives. From mild to severe, the body may endure damage that is typically seen in the sports industry. Common injuries include:

+ Sprain / Strain
+ Tendinitis
+ Shoulder Dysfunction
+ Hip Dysfunction
+ Bursitis
+ Micro or Macro Trauma

A sport injury can occur suddenly, causing severe, immediate pain and inability to put pressure on or move the affected area. Other injuries are sustained over a long period of time and worsens as more strain is put on the body. Soft tissue in the injured area can be compromised as fibers in the muscle, tendon or ligament are affected along with the blood vessels. Swelling, tenderness and pain are experienced as a result, ranging in severity.

Treatment for sport injuries may include heat therapy, ice therapy, or massage.

Ice Therapy (Acute)
+ Reduces muscle spasms swelling and inflammation
+ Decreases blood flow to the area
+ Numbs the area.

Heat therapy (Chronic)
+ Increases blood flow
+ Relieves tension and muscle tightness
+ Reduces joint stiffness Improves flexibility
+ Offers pain relief

Here at Griffin Chiropractic Care, we will evaluate your medical history, condition and goals in order to create a treatment plan. If you have experienced a sport-related injury, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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