Soft Tissue Massage

Message Therapy

Doctor Griffin has developed a soft tissue technique that prepares the patient to receive the best spinal adjustment possible. His experience confirms that more chronic or acute the pain, the more this care is required. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes. Many patients request this. Those who seek massage therapy may be experiencing:

+ Arthritis
+ Muscle spasms
+ Soft tissue injury
+ Recurring headaches
+ Anxiety, stress or depression
+ Joint and muscle pain
+ Limited flexibility
+ Other injuries or health related conditions


Massage therapy encompasses a variety of techniques that scientifically manipulates the body’s soft tissue in an effort to move and normalize the tissue by applying pressure. Benefits include:

+ Muscle spasm relief
+ Wider range of motion and flexibility
+ Stress relief
+ Arthritis relief
+ Deeper and easier breathing
+ Circulation improvement
+ Improved posture
+ Tension headache relief
+ Reduced anxiety
+ Reduced evolvement of scar tissue due to soft tissue injury
+ Promotes well-being
+ And more


If you are interested in receiving massage therapy, please do not hesitate to give us at Griffin Chiropractic Care a call. We will set up a consultation to evaluate your medical history, current condition and goals.

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